NEW PUMP IS HERE. please note the scotch tape that has been holding my old pump together since january. – View on Path.

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the big 8-8. – View on Path.

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it’s been a very emotional week. a lot of fear, a lot of sadness. a lot of crying.

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view from the pew.

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grumpy john at Amanti Vino – View on Path.

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i’ve been taking photos of this fountain for nearly five years now. we move downtown next month. at Bryant Park – View on Path.

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i went to work today.

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jamie reviewing my tax return.

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finally hung my new art. – View on Path.

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you plus me plus empire state makes three

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this horse statue is having the time of his liiiiiife.

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took me three hours and three types of transportation to get me to work this morning, one and one to get me home.

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here, have a charlie.

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