saw thetempertrap in williamsburg last night.

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dougy in the crowd.

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choire sicha and sasheer zamata and james bewley made me laugh tonight.

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joeyheflich sent me subtitle files for game of thrones so i could understand the dothraki but also so i could cap this.

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that’s the sound of da police

that’s the sound of da police


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took a detour going to pick up my laundry.

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i avoid reflective surfaces like the plague so i didn’t notice my shirt until i was in the elevator at work this morning. after my shower i had sprayed down the tub with some cleaner and quickly rinsed it away after i had gotten dressed. i missed the bleach stains blooming on my chest and belly (partially hidden here and throughout the day by my arms) and once i hit my desk it was too late.

my shirt is ruined but my tub is clean. and this elevator is kind of flattering.

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espn didn’t air alex’s pitch or any of the performance but pop was texting us updates from the stands and we trolled twitter for any mention of him (there was a decent amount of “wtf is that thing on the mound?!”). looks like he did pretty good for a ballet dancer in a three-headed costume!

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lightning strike

lightning strike

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two very different, very good movies.

imogen poots was perfect in a long way down, the funny & edgy icing on a sweet cake. worth the $6.99 rental.

i forgot the twist of before i go to sleep from when i read it years ago, so i was proper freaked out watching this. it did suspense really well; this scaredy cat had to mute it a few times to make it through.

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past & present olive editions! at HarperCollins Publishers – View on Path.

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two divine pieces of content i consumed this weekend.

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if you are in philadelphia on wednesday i’d love it if you would attend the phillies vs. san francisco giants game in support of the pennsylvania ballet and a+ entertainment. my brother will be throwing the first pitch as the mouse king and performing a little later in the game! i can’t make it out and back on a school night but i will be glued to espn.

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manhattan -> brooklyn

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