today’s blues.

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In honor of #usopen @greatsbrand #mowbray available on @spring in limited supply.


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chuckles being a lap master.

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hit up bookcourt and shake shack for my last evening in brooklyn. peace out, joralemon.

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an evening.

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this is a whispery post because i’m tipsy and have cripplingly low self-esteem but a book i’m the md on hit the new york times bestseller list tonight and i’m just really really proud.

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walked to dinner in chinatown over the manhattan bridge, walked home with two steamed cha siu baos in my bag over the brooklyn bridge.

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i’m starting to get a feel for the city just in time for me to leave.

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sun flower

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i’m all caught up. only really care about arya.

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the darkest part of game of thrones is when you catch your reflection in the laptop screen and realize you’ve spent all afternoon in bed.

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saw thetempertrap in williamsburg last night.

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