staying late tonight so i can stay home tomorrow.

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went into the city today for laura’s bridal shower, tea in the park.

she is so beautiful.

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had to catch a 6:30 bus to make sure i’d get to work on time for a 9 am call. njtransit is the most unreliable system.

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went up to grandma’s christmas tree farm today. there is a story behind everything up there.

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i was invited to speak on a panel at a trade show at the end of the month, in rhode island. i don’t think i’ve ever been to rhode island.

i bought a planner in an attempt to get my life under control but so far all i’ve done is carry a shrink-wrapped brick in my tote bag for a week.

it’s getting more difficult to disguise my disgust for certain people. y’all are high on yourselves.

i’m taking a vacation day in the middle of the month to go to the dentist, endo, and eye doctor. boom boom boom. another attempt to get my life under control.

today is my parents’ 43rd wedding anniversary and they are amazing. that’s all.

do you ever get worried that you can’t see the future? i get anxious about unscheduled activity, yet i’ve never really been able to see more than three months out. maybe that’s why i bought a planner. maybe that’s why i haven’t opened it yet.

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sorry i recorded in portrait. roger won the point but i had to cut it off because the dude in front of me jumped up.

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didn’t realize i had a bucket list until i crossed “watch roger play live” off of it.

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today’s blues.

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In honor of #usopen @greatsbrand #mowbray available on @spring in limited supply.


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chuckles being a lap master.

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hit up bookcourt and shake shack for my last evening in brooklyn. peace out, joralemon.

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an evening.

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this is a whispery post because i’m tipsy and have cripplingly low self-esteem but a book i’m the md on hit the new york times bestseller list tonight and i’m just really really proud.

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walked to dinner in chinatown over the manhattan bridge, walked home with two steamed cha siu baos in my bag over the brooklyn bridge.

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