espn didn’t air alex’s pitch or any of the performance but pop was texting us updates from the stands and we trolled twitter for any mention of him (there was a decent amount of “wtf is that thing on the mound?!”). looks like he did pretty good for a ballet dancer in a three-headed costume!

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lightning strike

lightning strike

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two very different, very good movies.

imogen poots was perfect in a long way down, the funny & edgy icing on a sweet cake. worth the $6.99 rental.

i forgot the twist of before i go to sleep from when i read it years ago, so i was proper freaked out watching this. it did suspense really well; this scaredy cat had to mute it a few times to make it through.

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past & present olive editions! at HarperCollins Publishers – View on Path.

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two divine pieces of content i consumed this weekend.

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if you are in philadelphia on wednesday i’d love it if you would attend the phillies vs. san francisco giants game in support of the pennsylvania ballet and a+ entertainment. my brother will be throwing the first pitch as the mouse king and performing a little later in the game! i can’t make it out and back on a school night but i will be glued to espn.

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manhattan -> brooklyn

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do you think one wtc worries about what other people think of it when they pass it on the street, worries about its tone in the email it just sent, worries about how much space it’s taking up, worries about the responses people might have to things it might say, worries about its future but more about its past, worries about staying exactly where it is?

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sky got pretty crazy tonight.

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there’s always strong competition, but he’s my new favorite bhc dog.

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found the missing third key in my bag and received the best selfie in the mail today.

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hey when you write a word on your wrist for a twitter joke and then actually fall asleep for most of the day you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time scrubbing your face to get permanent marker off of your chin.

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old dog, new dock.

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i think i’m most productive at work on summer fridays, after everyone has left and the night crew has shut off the lights in the bathroom.

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i went to emily’s event at mcnally tonight but left before it started because i got too nervous. about what, i’m not sure, but there was a decent crowd. i bought my books and went home, walking too slowly and almost getting run over on boerum.

i’m a fucking mess.

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